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  Trade Guide
How to Order:


You can connect our sale-team by call, fax, or email. We are expected your communication anytime.

How to Pay:


You can transfer money to us by bank post remittance.

How to ship:




when money for products get to our account, we will deliver products to you in 24 hours.Details about ship we should communicate with you before deliver.

The charge for transporting goods:
We would like to consult with you about charge.





Corporation culture
  We believe our customers are the ultimate judges of our
performance. They expect--and merit--superior quality,service,
and value. Experience shows that if we serve our customers well,
our own success will follow.
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Sales hotline:+86-595-22116948
Mobile phone and WeChat:13906998410/13505007985/18368116371
Address: 1102-1202 Tower 6.Silver City of East.Fengze Financial street.Quanzhou,Fujian.China
Zip code: 362000
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